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 Advice and Consent File folder6/12/2019 4:14:09 PM
 Agriculture File folder8/13/2019 3:09:52 PM
 Appropriations File folder6/13/2019 2:40:57 PM
 Approps Subcommittees File folder3/13/2019 9:53:00 AM
 Conference Committees File folder2/12/2019 10:20:48 AM
 Economic and Small Business Development File folder2/12/2019 10:20:56 AM
 Economic Development File folder6/20/2019 4:20:35 PM
 Education and Career Readiness File folder4/18/2019 10:53:30 AM
 Elections File folder6/19/2019 12:17:23 PM
 Energy and Technology File folder8/7/2019 11:08:58 AM
 Families Seniors Veterans File folder6/5/2019 3:50:11 PM
 Finance File folder7/1/2019 3:45:51 PM
 Government Operations File folder1/25/2019 10:15:43 AM
 Health Policy and Human Services File folder2/12/2019 10:22:38 AM
 Insurance and Banking File folder6/19/2019 9:53:35 AM
 Judiciary and Public Safety File folder7/1/2019 3:46:15 PM
 Local Government File folder6/11/2019 1:25:37 PM
 Natural Resources File folder7/1/2019 3:46:24 PM
 Oversight File folder7/1/2019 3:46:41 PM
 Regulatory Reform File folder7/1/2019 3:47:36 PM
 Transportation and Infrastructure File folder6/25/2019 1:32:17 PM